September 5th 2018

I want to do some renovations - what permits do I need?

When we think about doing renovations in our home, there are many ideas and needs that come to mind, but there are also many questions we ask ourselves. Can I tear down this wall, can I change the kitchen? What permits do I have to apply for to carry out the work?

At S1GLA we not only help to answer any questions and find the most appropriate solution for your needs, but we also advise you so that the work is carried out with legal and safety guarantees, something which will save you any problems with neighbours and fines from the local authorities.

Before beginning any work, it is advisable to consult with your town council. Each council establishes the specific classification of the work in its bylaws, which always depends on its complexity, the permits required according to that classification and the necessary documentation and taxes.

These legal questions may initially overwhelm us or it may seem that they will make the project very expensive. But it is important to bear in mind that not all types of work require the same procedures. To give you an idea, we have outlined a guide below of the procedures required according to the type of work to be carried out in Barcelona: 

  • Major Works Licence
  • Deferred communication (Type 1 minor works) 
  • Immediate Communication (Type 2 minor works) 
  • Informed (Type 3 Minor Work)