June 26th 2018

Now&Then. Property on c/ Santaló (Sant Gervasi)

The project consists of the renovation of a property located in the district of Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, in the area of Galvany. It is located on a mid-twentieth-century farm, with an original floor with a day area facing the south façade and the community garden and a night area facing the north façade and the access road.

Due to the fact that the original distribution is perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer, we decided to work in each one of the spaces individually in order to provide them with greater comfort, keeping the day/night areas, connecting them with a central hallway containing a volume of services that, at the same time, serves as bookshelves. This large central piece does not touch the ceiling and indirectly illuminates the long central corridor, at each end demarcating the entrance hall and entryway to the bedrooms.


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