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  • Enhancing singularity
  • Connecting with your needs
  • Responsible with the environment
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Architecture, renovations and interior design in Barcelona

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Specialized in full renovations, we analyze your living space so that you get the most out of your home and the investment you want to make. We study the small changes that can lead to big results and we help you see your home like you have never imagined. SIGLA Studio conceives each project as a whole, coordinates all contracted work and assumes responsibility for its comprehensive implementation, including all procedures before the administration and with professional associations, if necessary.

Our way of working


We respect the essence of each location and care about sustainability, energy efficiency and the
personal quality of our service.


We improve the use and functionality of spaces to get the maximum potential out of them. We
look for simple, intelligent solutions tailored to your needs.


We work under a clear design concept that extends to all parts and phases of the process.


We create unique, coherent projects with their own character, tailored to each client and space.

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