El nou espai exterior penetra cap a l’interior

Casa unifamiliar en la calle Josep Llimona (Sant Pere de Ribes)

Project type
renovations, new developments
Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona
Square meters
183 m²

El projecte consisteix en la reforma d'una casa unifamiliar de dues plantes ubicada a Sant Pere de Ribes, amb les estances principals orientades a sud i al jardí, els dormitoris secundaris a nord i al carrer i els banys i cuines a la zona intermèdia.

La proposta conserva en gran part la distribució original de l’habitatge però aplicant una sèrie de modificacions, especialment en el que respecta a la connexió entre la cuina i el menjador, millorant la relació de les diferents estances principals de la casa amb l’espai exterior.

Due to budget restrictions imposed by the customers, it was decided to concentrate efforts and make radical changes to the back of the house. A new concrete volume has been inserted that will act as a link between the exterior and interior spaces, the lines of vision have been multiplied, and a natural connection has been created in a simple and open way between the interior and exterior. 

As such, the original appearance of the main façade and the front garden has been maintained, in keeping with the adjoining houses, whilst most of the work is concentrated on the rear façade - a new space has been created that is totally different from the original, a space that penetrates the interior and impregnates each room with the property's Mediterranean essence. 

A concrete platform emerges from the interior of the house and demarcates the exterior space. The platform rises above the original site, but connects to it without entering into any conflict; the outdoor swimming pool also establishes a finite limit.

As a result of the new design strategy, a natural cross ventilation has also been achieved, which makes it possible to make the most of the house’s location and its proximity to the sea. The house has been given greater thermal comfort and residents are given the chance to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate that surrounds us for a longer period of time. 

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Alejandro Caballero
photography Marek Jarosz

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