Lay Z bar

Renovation of a café - lounge bar in Shenzhen (China)

Project type
interior design, retail
Shenzhen, China
Square meters
285 m²

The project involves the renovation of a café in the OCT Loft creative park in Shenzhen, China. It is a very popular and crowded place, with a large number of restaurants, cafés and designer shops.

Originally, the café only occupied the top floor and was accessed from the ground floor via a tiny entrance leading to the access staircase. In order to attract more visitors and gain visibility, the customer decided to purchase the small premises on the ground floor and turn it into an extension of the café. 

The ground floor has been designed as a large open entrance and directly linked to the exterior space. The interior has been emptied and all the walls are lined with pieces of bamboo that, joined together, form the furniture of the establishment.

The original plan and envelope has been maintained on the top floor, although the furniture has been adapted and an abandoned terrace has been transformed into an outdoor area. In order to reduce costs, it was decided to concentrate the bulk of the work on the ground floor, which has been transformed to attract new visitors. 

A new identity through bamboo

The design involving the vertical connection and redistribution of the spaces is coordinated according to a simple solution, the original access staircase has been maintained and bamboo has been used in all the rooms as a natural, locally available material. 

A system of LEDs and semi-hidden spotlights in the wooden structure of the premises enhances the integration of the entire space: warm and reddish tones are used, to match the red of the walls and floor and the natural bamboo walls.

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Hu Run Ze

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