Full renovation of a flat in Krakow (Poland)

Project type
renovations, interior design
Cracovia, Polonia
Square meters
55 m²

The project consists of the renovation of an attic in an area close to the historic centre of Krakow in Poland. A studio flat that will be used for tourist and/or business rental, located in an old, recently renovated building, located in front of Strzelecki Park.

It is a quiet, well-connected area, just a 15 minutes' drive from Krakow airport, a 10 minute walk from the historic centre and a 5 minute walk from the main railway station and bus station.

Aware of the potential of the location, we have opted for a unique flat that stands out for its attractive design, its materials and its features. All this without forgetting functionality. 

A large solid wood loft was proposed, located in the high and dark area of the attic, and forming the basis of the whole project. The service and auxiliary spaces are located on the lower and upper floors, and serve the living-dining room and the double room, located in the lower, illuminated area of the floor.

The loft, together with the kitchen, form an attractive and singular interior façade that unifies the entire space longitudinally through a fixed module and the repetition of its staircases. At the same time, it forms a border through which the different materials will be organised.

Wood, blue and black stand out among the materials and colours, which are combined with white to join and unify the different spaces. Blue, present on the floor and bathroom tiles, is used strategically on some walls, linked to LED lighting and in constant dialogue with the wooden furniture. Black is used to unify the equipment (light fittings, taps, etc.) and some of the furniture. 

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Carlos Martí
photography Marek Jarosz

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