Full renovation of a flat on Calle Varsovia (Horta-Guinardó)

Project type
Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona
Square meters
135 m²

The project consists of the renovation of a singular property located in the Horta-Guinardó district. It has a very high ground floor with two courtyards and a structure with retaining walls and traditional ceramic vaulted ceilings and metal beams.

The proposed renovation of the flat aims to improve the relationship between the interior and the exterior and to preserve the singularity and great height of the original spaces. By means of a complex redistribution, the flat is opened up to the two existing courtyard, making the most of the space and layout possibilities.

The existing kitchen has been relocated and leads into the living room and courtyard, so that natural light penetrates the interior and the kitchen becomes a central space characteristic of contemporary living. The existing bathroom has also been moved, thus freeing up part of the façade of the interior courtyard, and a new one has been added.

The project has paid great attention to the design of the interior carpentry and lighting. These maintain a constant dialogue with the wooden elements and the high vaulted ceilings, strategically stripped and in a harmonic relationship with the existing materials and architectural elements. 

The singularity of the original spaces has been maintained

Moreover, simplicity and minimalism are combined with natural materials, concrete, wood and masonry, with the existing architectural elements being recovered and integrated into the overall design of the dwelling.

The essence and singularity of the flat has thus been maintained without renouncing modern design.

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
photography Marek Jarosz

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