Camí Ral

Full renovation of a house in Premià de Mar (Maresme)

Project type
Premià de Mar, Barcelona
Square meters
109 m²

This is a single-family house refurbishing project. The house, located in Premià de Mar, a beautiful beach town in the vicinity of Barcelona, is a traditional two-story house with a narrow structure and a party wall system, with unidirectional slabs on wooden beams and a sloping roof.

The night area is located on the first floor, divided into three rooms, while the day area is organized on the ground floor, containing the kitchen, living room and dining room, the latter located in an extension with a large opening towards the backyard. The spacious dining room is a cool and quiet area, which contrasts with the main facade, facing Camí Ral, a busy street with dense traffic.

The architectural proposal focuses on the redistribution of interior spaces. The facades were kept in their original state and the exterior walls were restored, a key design feature of the project.

On the ground floor, an open-plan area organizes the whole floor through different levels, articulated by custom-made furniture pieces. In addition, this area freely opens itself into the backyard, and the roof plays an essential role in the organization and definition of spaces.

A new space towards the inner courtyard

On the ground floor, the space under the roof is transformed into a mezzanine on a wooden structure, under which a new bathroom providing to the bedroom area has been built. The mezzanine, shaped by a timber frame of solid pine wood beams, slats and OSBs, is the most striking feature of the entire project.

Visible joints placed intentionally at uneven planes on beams and slats, together with a spectacular shadow play, define the mezzanine essence. This central piece is conceived as a visible structure, where construction elements provide ceilings, walls and railings with a unique finishing touch.

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
photography Marek Jarosz

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