Poble 9

Full renovation of a flat on Calle Pujades (Poblenou)

Project type
renovations, interior design
Poblenou, Barcelona
Square meters
106 m²

The project consists of the renovation of a flat located in Poblenou in Barcelona, in an early twentieth-century property with an original floor plan and three very different and unconnected areas: interconnected rooms facing the side façade, the living room facing the street and a balcony facing the interior courtyard.

In order to adapt the house to the requirements of the new tenants, we have adopted a very clear and simple strategy: to connect the three new spaces in the functional plan (daytime area, sleeping area and auxiliary room area) by means of an open hall and we have kept the view of the exterior from all the points of the house.

As such, the connection between the different spaces is improved, the lines of vision are multiplied throughout the flat and all the points on the floor are connected to the external space. All the doors and windows have been integrated with the different elements in the flat, so that the flat is conceived as an overall entity, containing a concatenation of interconnected spaces.

The windows merge with fragments of the original brick wall recovered and painted tile-coloured panels which lead us in turn to the natural terracotta finish of the ceramic cladding used. All the original openings are thus integrated with the interior, and their dimensions are increased and integrated with the interior rooms.

The doors are conceived as voids in the space, designed to be open most of the time and incorporated into the general layout and furniture of the property. This thereby contributes to the general strategy of interconnecting the three spaces in the flat and increases the sense of space.

To finally reinforce the idea of homogenisation and connection between spaces, traditional white enamelled triangular tiles with a natural terracotta finish have been used in several areas (bathrooms, kitchen, hall); the layout of the pieces varies in each case to obtain different designs that give each area its own singularity and identity. 

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Laura Targarona, Alejandro Caballero, Hu Run Ze
photography Marek Jarosz

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