Santa Long

Full renovation of a flat on Calle Santaló (Sant Gervasi)

Project type
Sant Gervasi, Barcelona
Square meters
228 m²

The project consists of the renovation of a house located in the Sant Gervasi district in Barcelona, in the Galvany area. This is a mid-twentieth-century property that has an original floor plan laid out in a daytime area facing towards the south façade and a communal garden and sleeping area facing towards the north façade and the access street. 

Due to the fact that the original layout was perfectly suited to the customer's needs, we decided to carry out work in each of the spaces individually: we have provided each room with greater comfort, maintaining the daytime and sleeping areas, which are connected to each other by a central hallway that contains a volume of features that at the same time serve as bookshelves. This large item does not touch the ceiling and indirectly provides light to the long hallway, which runs from the hall to the bedrooms.

In the lounge-dining room, the entire space is surrounded three-dimensionally by the introduction of a lightweight oak slatted structure that provides soft indirect lighting. The same slats have been used for the design of the central volume in the hallway. The oak walls and doors in various spaces and the carefully selected colour range (whites, browns and greys) contribute to unifying the space and the different rooms, in accordance with an exhaustive attention to detail and aesthetic demands.

The doors are conceived as voids in the space, designed to be open most of the time and incorporated into the general layout and furniture of the property. A balanced connection has thereby been achieved between the original rooms while increasing the feeling of space and making the most of the potential of a large building. 

The space and the different rooms are unified.

Finally, we have applied a strategy of emptying out the fixed furniture items, such as built-in wardrobes, the fireplace and auxiliary shelves, which did not meet to the needs of the new owners and, by using natural materials, we have provided the homely feel that the flat needed. 

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Alejandro Caballero
photography Marek Jarosz

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