Project type
renovations, retail
Sant Antoni, Barcelona
Square meters
117 m²

The project consists of the full renovation of an old mechanics workshop located in the Sant Antoni district, in a unique, narrow and long property dating from 1900, to turn it into a veterinary clinic.

The premises, made up of retaining walls and ceramic vaulted ceilings with wooden beams, have the making of a majestic property. The machinery, attic and grease covering all the walls of the existing mechanics workshop conceal a tall, imposing space. 

The proposal arose from a very tight budget and the desire to recover the unique nature of the existing space. A radical emptying of the premises was opted for in order to show off all of its size. The subsequent insertion of a module will bring plan the space together.

In this case the process has become a proposal: the stripping and chipping off of all the plaster, painting the entire premises white and the subsequent insertion of a module made up of solid 4.5x9 cm pine slats and a visible installation, key elements of the project.

The new module constitutes a simple and economic solution, by means of the contrast between empty and full and white against colour.

Strategically placed, the module joins together all the rooms in the new clinic and brings a unique aesthetic to the premises - the contrast between natural materials (such as solid pine and ceramics) and the naked white of the walls and ceiling is the star of the show. 

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
photography Marek Jarosz

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