Kids Time Me Time

Design and construction of a playroom on Travessera de Gràcia (Vila de Gràcia)

Project type
renovations, retail
Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona
Square meters
83 m²

The project transforms an open-plan commercial shop with high ceilings into a set of differently sized areas, all of them sized according to a child’s height, so that kids can feel completely safe and free in their educational and recreational development.

The plan is divided into three consecutive areas, and their sections will also be modified to fit the program to be developed in each case.

The first area, which gives access to the facility from the street, becomes a filter or exchange space with the outside. It contains the front desk as well as some storage space for families to leave backpacks and shoes before diving into the play area. It is also the point where adults wave goodbye at or wait for their children. Its false ceiling, at the minimum legal height, is an indicator that the place is conditioned for another scale, the kid-sized scale.

Right after the welcome area, you enter into the free play area, where children can run and rearrange the space to their liking. It is the only area where the diaphanous spirit of the original facility and its 4 m ceilings have been kept. In this central section, we introduced a subtle modulation that divides the whole area into seven subcategories, through a light wooden substructure that organizes the spatial systems and that brings continuity into the section.

Finally, we reach the interior play area, a succession of spaces where the modular substructure is highlighted through paneling. Each of these small modules is uniquely arranged, with several scenarios with different privacy degrees to fit any and all types of activities. Since there are 7 modules, we decided to paint the interior of each one of them with the 7 colors of the rainbow. A very colorful, yet chromatically logical result is therefore achieved.

Natural materials define a new space

A selection of warm and natural materials is chosen: solid wood treated with natural oils at the substructure level, organic and breathable paint for the walls, and natural linoleum floorings, a very soft and comfortable material for walking barefoot.

We ruled out plastic finishes to enhance material natural features, which bring about both breathability and humidity and temperature regulation. The ultimate goal of our material selection is not to collapse space with more toxic substances, already present in urbanized areas.

Project documentation
architecture studio S1GLA
collaborators Laura Targarona
photography Marek Jarosz

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